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Cano and Calhoun for Rendon WHIR


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16 team dynasty.

My team is top 5 or 6 but the best teams look out of reach. I'm considering giving Cano and Calhoun for Rendon.

The league counts OBP, SLG and Ks for hitters.

What would you guys rather have long-term. WHIR


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I love Rendon so definitely do it if you can. How's your OF look after Calhoun?

We start 5 and I have McCutchen, Carlos Gonzalez, Cruz, Maybin, Polanco, Hicks.

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Dynasty, yes grab Rendon. Heck you may even get lucky and get some elite production from him this year if he gets back healthy...which seems around the corner.

Who will you grab with the open roster spot?

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