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1st year $100 .5 ppr 12 team snake draft through Yahoo

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League Rules.....
$100 buy in
1st place.$1050
2nd Place $150
6 team playoffs, reseeding after every round
Paid thru League Safe
Money must paid by 9/1/15, or you will be replaced.

Draft is 9/3/15 @ 8:45 PM
We will have a Facebook group to talk trash in, and talk all things football.

half point PPR
6 points for thrown touchdown
1 point bonus for 40+ receiving and rushing touchdown
Bonus points for over 400 yards thrown
Bonus points for over 100 yards rushing and receiving.

This is for serious players that like to be active with trash talking lol. We will have fun, and there will be heartbreak. email for link to join.

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