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In the keeper league I'm in, we did a separate MiLB draft and the rules are that when a prospect gets called up, the owner who has the rights to the player has until 131 AB or 50 IP to pick up the minor league player from free agency.

If the move isn't made in time, the prospect is a free agent for any team to pick up.

The team owner who has the rights to Kyle Schwarber is in last place and has shown no sign of picking up Schwarber. He's currently 25 AB away from 131 AB. My co-owner and I realized this 2 days ago, and we both want to jump on him as soon as he records his 131st AB.

Which player should we drop for Schwarber when the moment comes?

We're going to drop Solarte once Kipnis is activated in the next few days, so I would think Martin is the odd man out.

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