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In desperate need of a RB


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I have:

QB: Eli Manning

WR: Dez


RB: Ingram

RB: Alfred Morris

TE: Bennett

Flex: Cooks


RB's: McFadden, Blue

WR's: Agholor, Allen Robinson, Charles Johnson, Devante Parker

QB: Tannehill

I offered up Dez and Ingram to the owner of Le'Veon Bell and he seemed interested. Does this seem like too much to give up or does it look like I'd win that trade. This is a 10 team PPR league.

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Should I offer Dez and Morris instead? I feel like I could get decent production out of my bench receivers to where I could still field a solid starting team. One of Agholor, Johnson, Parker or Robinson has to show their potential right?

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