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Super 20 Hardcore ROTO NBA on ESPN - 20-team keeper league in 4th season needs 2 replacements...

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So the title says most of it. It's 20 teams and it's hardcore. The other 18 owners are all in and 15 have been around for 2+ seasons. We have a very low turnaround on ownership, it's actually these two teams that are available now, that have had some ownership issues. That's why I won't just let anyone in, I need to be sure this time that whoever comes in will do a good job and stick around. We need two owners that laugh at your standard leagues and that need a challenge, because it WILL be a challenge to get these two teams competing again.

Here's a link to the league...


The two teams available are Flint Tropics and Alabama Slammers (you can and I prefer it actually, if you change the names when you come in)

Flint has LaMarcus Aldridge and Al Jefferson as the only two keepers

Alabama has Tyreke Evans, Jeff Teague and Bradley Beal

I will give the new owners an option to look at which players were not kept from their previous roster and let them add more keepers if they like.

All teams have the option to keep 13 but it's not mandatory. With 2 and 3 keepers you will have a chance at the top rookies.

It's a deep league so the rebuild could take a season or two...

Respond here if interested

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