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14-team .05 PPR

I went with the 0-RB tactic this year and went heavy with WRs early. I am banking on a breakout performance by one of the RBs on my team, or a hot waiver pick. I am not thrilled with the QBs, but 11 QBs went in the first 4 rounds of my draft and I took what I could later. I am all for waiting a couple of weeks and leaning heavy on my WR core since they fill 4 starting slots on my team, and hoping my RBs can stay afloat. But would you consider trading one of my top 4 wideouts for a better RB option? If so, who would you give up and who would you target?

Its a big ask, and I know other team builds would determine the market, but generally speaking, what would you do?

WHIR! Leave a link!

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I would offer up Cooks. People are very high on him now. If you can land Hill, CJA, DeMarco, Forte, or Forsett I would pull the trigger to solidify your backs. I wouldn't be very happy with Spiller at RB1 and Crowell at RB2.


I would still need to play one as a Flex tho. Not sure Cooks could get me any of those RBs straight up.

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