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Maclin or A.Robinson or J.Brown WHIR


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Pick two

Jeremy Maclin @ HOU

Allen Robinson Vs CAR

John Brown Vs NO

A Bit afraid of using Maclin since the Chiefs did so bad last year in terms of WR production plus HOU has a good D

Robinson is going into CAR without Julius Thomas so might mean more targets?

Brown is probably going to go into the NO match-up without M.Floyd and NO can be exploited in the passing game as seen last season plus they have multiple starters out in that secondary.

Pick two and of course will help with yours

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Robinson and Brown for me...

Bortles LOVES Robinson, and the CAR Defense weakness is their secondary

As for Brown, this game against NO should be a cakewalk against their broken secondary. He has ridiculous speed, and I think might be Palmer's go to guy early

Just my hunch

Help with mine as well please? :)


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