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The NBA (since 2014), a 20 team league "chosen team" format.

NEED 10 SOLID OWNERS for NY/Orlando/Phoenix/Milwaukee/Indiana/Atlanta/Detroit/Miami/Boston/LAL

This league relies on individual teams to field its best lineups every game-day to maintain a competitive balance and preserve the integrity of the head-to-head format. It's unfair to other teams counting on you to beat a rival if your team's a doormat.

The league rosters mirror what happens on an NBA team with 10 active positional slots:
the starting 5 (PG, SG, C, PF, SF) and 5 slots for the players coming off the bench a game (2 G, C, 2 F).

There are 5 BENCH slots for any inactive players.

The league's stat categories represent the scope of an NBA team's daily game experience to balancing things out for the scorers, specialists and defensive types that round out any solid team.

As for the draft, any keepers are slotted in the later draft rounds (for example, if you keep 10 of your 15 players, those 10 take up the 10 later rounds in the draft leaving you to draft prospects or free agents in the first 5 rounds).

To enforce the "chosen team" FIVE player limit, we will drop your worst ranked player and add the bottom ranked player from the waiver wire with the commissioner tools.

Exceptions (grace period) will be given to any player actually traded in the NBA (eg. one of your 5 gets dealt, you have one week to replace him via trade or ultimately waiver pick up).

LEMME KNOW at smiler2729@yahoo.com

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