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Established H2H 9 Category Re-Draft league seeks 2 new owners

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

The start of the 2015/16 NBA season is quickly approaching! We are looking for two new owners for our established fantasy league.

This is a 16 team auction re-draft 9-category H2H Most Categories league on ESPN.

There will be 16 regular season games. Each weeks games begin on the games on that Monday and conclude on the following Sunday.

Free Agent pickup will be bi-weekly, Wednesday and Sunday nights at midnight, and there is a $100 FAAB for each team to acquire players. Teams that offer same bid price, the lower placed team will win the player. Minimum FAAB is $0.

The buy in to the league is $350. Please refer to the payout grid below. All buy-ins are secured through LeagueSafe with payout via Majority Rules provision. All owners must pay before draft night, which is tentatively set for Sunday, October 25th at 7:30pm EST. This is subject to change once we get closer to the date based upon everyone's schedule.

Regular season payouts

This season, the top 5 teams that finish during the regular season will be in the money. In addition, winning a round in the playoffs will result in winning money back. Please refer to the payout grid below.

1 - $1500.00
2 - $900.00
3 - $600.00
4 - $400.00
5 - $350.00

Playoff Payouts:

- Win 1st Round: $50 to each winning team ($400 payout total)

- Win 2nd Round: $100 to each winning team ($800 cumulative payout total)

- Win 3rd Round to make the Finals: $300 to each winning team ($1400 cumulative payout total)

- Win the championship: $450 to winner ($1,850 cumulative payout total)

Total Payout: $5,600

Here are examples: Your are the 6th seed and you win the 1st and 2nd rounds but lose in the semi-finals, you would get a total payout of $150. You are the 8th seed and you the finals but lose in the finals, your payout would be $500.

In an effort to keep the league engaging throughout the entire season; there is playoff eligibility for 16 all teams. This means 4 rounds of playoffs. The playoffs will begin on Week 17 of the regular NBA season. We will exclude the 22nd and 23rd week, which are the last 10 days of the NBA season.

Teams that finish tied during the regular season by record, will split the combined pots of their respective standings.

Categories are: Pts, 3ptm, FG%, FT%, Rbds, Blocks, Steals, Assists & T/o.

Team that wins the most of these categories during the week receives a win. There can be ties.

The auction budget is $262 to fill 10 starters and 2 bench for 12 positions as follows:

Guards - 4, Forwards - 4, C – 2, Bench – 2

There is one IR this year for the league and no Utility Slots.

The IR slot will only be for players who are hurt after the season begins. If you draft a player who is injured during the auction, the IR spot is not available nor can you pick up an injured player from FAAB for stashing purposes. Basically, no stashing.

We will be going to a 40 game maximum per week so you will be able to adjust your roster during the week for injuries. However you will not be able to play more than 40 games.

Each position will be limited to 4 games, so G will have 16 total games, F 16 total games and C 8.

There is a strict 7 vote veto process for trades with a two day review. All trades are reviewed by a three commissioner system to ensure there is no collusion or cheating amongst teams. All trades are required to only be 1 to 1 or 2 to 2. In addition, injured players are not eligible for trade. Players who are on the injured list as per ESPN site must play 5 games before being eligible for trade. This will be tracked by the commissioners and we follow it very closely.

Trades are unlimited and we encourage trades amongst teams as well as trashing talking, complaining, whining, and cursing on the forum boards. Real GM’s do it, so should you.

There are six players that are NOT tradeable: Lebron, Durant, Steph Curry, James Harden, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook. You pick them up, they are yours the entire season.

If you have any questions or did not get the league invite please let me know and looking forward to another great season.


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