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Dynasty Trade - Veto


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As long as you can understand the rationale of why people are making trades I don't think you can veto. It doesn't mean you have to agree with it, you just have to know that they have put thought into the trade.

I would guess the guy is hyped on DRose in a great system and further away from injury. I would guess he wants to get rid of Monta because there are a lot of wings/combo guards that need the ball in Indiana and Ellis is getting older. If the draft picks were reversed I wouldn't really have an issue with the deal.

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Nah. D. Rose and Monta are both mid-rounders. There's only a 1 round difference in picks. Hibbert and Mayo are much more valuable than Bass, but it doesn't rise to my veto level since Rose still has some upside.

I disagree that there should never be veto in cases of no collusion because some trades are just so completley 1-sided that they comprimise the integrirty of the league. Who really wants to play in a league where someone trades LeBron and DeMarcus and Wall for Matt Barnes and two last round picks? And you can't prove any collusion? Maybe the owner just decides to troll the league one day. And then maybe someone else trades Curry and Harden for OJ Mayo? It probably wouldn't happen, but some trades are just so completely one-sided that it rises to a level of disgust where I'd rather not play in that league anymore if the trade is upheld.

This doesn't rise to my veto-worthy level of disgust.

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