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need some CBS help


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Calling all CBS users on this one. Last year was my keeper league's first year with CBS. We're staying with them this year so this is my first experience using them with keepers. We do a live off-line draft and I enter the rosters manually once we're done. Here are my questions/concerns:

1. Our keepers are due March 31st, which is after the season starts (A's/Boston). Will it screw things up if I process the keeprs after the season starts?

2. Can I "process keepers" on March 31st, when our draft is April 5th?

3. The laegue setup page says the following: "WARNING:

Manual rosters entry is intended for initial roster setup only. Using this feature once the season has started will cause all rosters from preceeding periods to be cleared out." Does that mean the initial setup of the league from last year or the initial setup from this season?

If anyone has used the keeper function of CBS before, please let me know how it went and if you had any retroactivity issues if your draft was after the season started. Thanks in advance...

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No responses so I'll rephrase. I plan to use the following steps, will it work?

1. Process keepers on March 31st. I assume that will cut down everyone's roster to only include the keepers I select.

2. Have our draft, click the "check this box to proceed with manual rostersentry" box and enter the rosters manually on April 5th.

3. Go to setup, draft and rosters and click "copy rosters back" to make the rosters retro to the beginning of the season (Tuesday the 25th to include the A's/Boston games).

Should those 3 simple steps get it done?

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Hmmm, interesting. I'm a rookie with CBS this year having been with TQStats the last 3 years. I did use CBS prior to that with keepers in 2003 and 2004 where the auction was a week into the season. I don't recall having any problems. It does look like we'll need to copy rosters back.

If you have entered rosters after the season began and would like to include all stats from the start of the season, go to Setup, Draft and Rosters. Click COPY ROSTERS BACK.

Copy your rosters back to the start of the season. Once rosters are effective on the date of the first week of the season and legal per your rules, your league will update with complete stats overnight.

NOTE - You may need to make lineup moves for your team owners who have illegal lineups. To see which teams are illegal, select Warnings under your Teams menu. You may correct illegal lineups using your Commissioner powers on the Lineup screen. Simply use the pull-down selector on the Lineup screen to select the team that needs correction and make the moves required to bring their roster within your rules.

BTW did you use Auto FAAB last year? B)

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BTW did you use Auto FAAB last year?

No, my league doesn't use a FAAB or waivers system for free agents. We do monthly off-line drop/adds (2 players) based on the standings at the time.

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