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Ingram + WR for lynch? WHIR 100%


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What caliber WR would it take to upgrade to lynch from Ingram?

Standard Scoring.

My RBs are weak: Ingram, Hyde, Crowell, Dion Lewis, David Johnson

My WRs are strong: ODB, Hopkins, A-rob, Steve Smith, Sammy Watkins, Martavis Bryant

The owner has Lynch and Forsett with week 9 byes and I wanted to upgrade at RB. His other RBs are: Morris, Yeldon, Turbin. But he is hurting at WR, and with lynch off to a slow start I thought I might try a buy low.

I need a week 4 TE for Gronk's bye and need to make space on my roster. Hoping for a 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 (he has droppable players)

I was thinking with CJ coming back and the saints looking sketchy, going Ingram + a WR, for Lynch. I could also trade Hyde instead of Ingram. Open to other package suggestions that you think might help me out. No QBs to work with, Romo on IR and Mariota (lawd help me).


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