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Tear apart this trade for me (Kelce, VJax, E Sanders, H Miller) - WHIR


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Small league (8 team) PPR

Somehow ended up with Gronk and able to scoop Kelce real late.

A guy made me an offer for Kelce that wasn't too good but I know he wants him.

My counter offer is:

My - Travis Kelce, Vincent Jackson

His - Emmanuel Sanders, Heath Miller (to fill in on Gronks bye week)

Am I asking too much? Kelce is currently outscoring Sanders (and ODB his other good WR) and will continue to get a ton of looks and TDs this year.

What do you think? WHIR

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Yes, Kelce is on my bench. I can't offer Gronk the way he's playing (and I'm a Chiefs fan and Kelce is literally my favorite player on the team).

I was planning to target after week 4 (Patriots bye) to try and move Kelce. I think he has a big game in Green Bay this week. I'll be the only Chiefs fan at Lambeau for that one.

Value is generally much better if trades are being offered to you though. You know the guy wants your player.

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I wouldn't give you Sanders for that but if you can get it accepted then absolutely do it. You don't need Kelce. I know he's likely to be awesome this year but you're not going to bench Gronk just because Kelce has a good matchup or something. Miller can fill in for Gronk's bye just fine. People are valuing TEs really highly so you might be able to get more but like I said, I wouldn't give you Sanders for Kelce so you just have to make an offer and see what happens.

I have two if that's okay.



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Gronk has the bye in week 4 so I would wait until week 5 to move him. Is there a team that needs a TE more than this owner? You may be able to extract more for Kelce. I don't think you're asking for too much, you may be asking for too little. In an 8 teamer I'm sure there are TE's that are comparable to H.Miller unless it's a very deep bench 8 teamer. So I would ask for someone other than H.Miller.

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