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10 team standard league. Auction. I was offered the following trade.

I give:

Cam Newton

Matt Forte

Julian Edelman

I get:

Tyrod Taylor

Latavius Murray

AJ Green

My team is as follows:

QB: Cam Newton; Carson Palmer

RB: Forte, Charles, Ellington, Crowell and David Johnson

WR: Emmanuel Sanders, Edelman, Larry Fitz, Maclin and Kendall Wright

TE: Witten

Would you accept?

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I think you have to accept this trade. Murray and Forte in a standard league is a push in my book, except for the fact that Murray's team seems to be on more of an upswing, where Forte's seems to be in decline. You've got Palmer, so Newton/Taylor is moot in my book. The big nab here is A.J. Green, who I think will do better than Edelman.

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