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Use #4 Waiver on who? WHIR

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So after producing 150+ pts 3 weeks in a row, my team finally decides to s*** the bed. Who's your add and drop here?

10 Team PPR

QB: Ben, Tyrod

RB: Forte, Latavius, Ellington, Gurley, Matt Jones (time to drop MJ?)

WR: Julio, TY, Dez, Fitz, Wright, Stevie (Stevie might be droppable as well?)

TE: Olsen

Free Agent

T Rawls

R Hillman (dropped him for Dez last week)

A Hurns

W Snead

T Austin

Duke Johnson

L Hankerson

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I like hurns a lot. Guy sees a ton of targets and will get his fair share of points. Hillman could be worth the stash if he becomes the starter, which matt jones probably wont be with alfred morris still there.

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I'd drop Stevie for Hankerson. I didn't want to believe it going into the season, but Atlanta has really turned it around. And Roddy White is just an old distraction. Anything that isn't Julio's is Hankerson's and Ryan is throwing a ton.

Rivers spreads the wealth more.

As far as Matt Jones, I'm in the same boat, but I'd drop him for a RB like Martin or Rawls.

I think both moves are solid.

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