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Antonio Brown trade, WHIR

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I'm actually going to say Team A wins. AB is still AB but he definitely takes a hit with Vick throwing.

Short Term - Team A

Long Term - Team B

I disagree wholeheartedly. Gore is still serviceable, yes, and ARob has shown some flashes. (CJ is trash altogether). Even with Vick, you're still talking about a top player in Brown, who will go back to lighting it up when Ben gets back. You cant give up a guy like that for three barely-above mediocre players.

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Yeah Brown is dropping maybe 3-5 points a week with Vick in. They still have Le'Veon Bell that will continue to bring them up the field. Brown would have had a decent week had he not dropped that endzone pass, which was on him not Vick (it wasn't a horrible throw).

Stay with Brown or you'll regret it in the next few weeks and even more so when Ben is back, which PS he looked pretty damn healthy and I say will be back in 3 or so.


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