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Drop Matt Jones for Hillman?


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Should I drop Matt Jones for Hillman? I do currently have CJA but my bench is getting crowded with holding onto handcuffs and time shares. CJA/possibly Hillman and Dion Lewis/Blount.

I know it's been back and forth and not spectacular for Denver's run game, but it looks like its very possible for Hillman to take over majority of the carries for Denver. Kubiak also said after week 3 I think that they need to be running the ball more, and he recognized it was a problem in the beginning.

Also on the WW:


Lamar Miller


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Jones probably gets the bulk of the work if Morris is hurt.

Hillman is most likely in time-share no matter what happens. I doubt they abandon CJ Anderson.

I rather be on the Hillman side right now. there's no value in M. Jones if Morris is on the team.

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I'd drop Jones for Miller. How is a starting RB on the WW????

This is my 2nd league, it's an 8 team league, so there's usually some value on the waiver's weekly. Especially in this league where people are obsessed with QBs. One person has Bridgewater, Stafford, and Romo. I don't get it either. I'd never see that value in my 10+ person leagues. But it's still FF so I stay in it.

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