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2016 Points League Keepers

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League Settings: 10 team, H2H Points, lost this year in championship...

Hitting: standard setting but with no penalty for Ks


+1 for IP

+10 points for a W,

+5 for QS ,
-5 for L,
-1 for BB

-1 ER,
no penalty for Hits Against

A good pitchers can net 25+ points in a single start, Arrieta and Kershaw finished with more points than any hitter.

Pick between 3-5 keepers…next year, their keeper value is this year’s minus one round and so on…so Marte would be a 7th round pick next year if I keep him...
Sale (forfeit Rd. 2 pick – can be kept for 1 year)
Arrieta (Rd. 5 pick – 2 years)
Cole (Rd. 6 pick – 2 years)
Marte (Rd 8. – 2 years)
Hosmer (Rd 12 – 3 years)
Pollock (Rd. 18 – 3 years)
L. Cain (Rd. 10 – 2 years)
Salazar (rd. 10 – 2 Years)
Maikel Franco (Rd. 10 – 2 years)

What do you think? WHIR

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So much value here. I think you're certainly keeping 5.

Pollack, Arrieta, & Cole (assuming GCole) are my absolute locks. Then to me I think I like LCain & Marte.

Obviously left out Sale. I'd keep him if it were necessary, but you've got 2 aces and he's just not the value in the 2nd (especially since he can only be kept 1 more year) as the others.

Thanks for the help on mine. Good luck!

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Pollock. Arrieta. Cole. Marte. Cain.

Pollock & Arrieta are the no-brainers. Cole is also a must keep. I would then go with Marte & Cain. That gives you a lot of speed & a very nice OF. Need power elsewhere but this is a great start.

Thanks with mine!

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