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Steve Smith Sr. or Martavis Bryant ROS? WHIR.

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I'm a Bryant owner and have been thinking about adding him to a trade that would get me Frank Gore and Steve Smith Sr. Both receivers have their question marks. Senior has the recent injury, Bryant will have Vick throwing to him for the next few weeks, at least.

Senior is the only notable WR on Baltimore, and he'll get the looks IF he can return healthy.

Bryant is an intriguing deep threat on a high power offense BUT I think the WRs will under-produce with Vick under center.

Who would you rather have for the rest of the season?

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I like Smith....Target monster who was showing he was out to prove something. It sounds like he has a good shot at being back in Week 6.

I do like Bryant also but it's tough with Vick the next few weeks and with AB soaking up so many targets. Bryant is going to need to keep finding the end zone to have value and that's tough to ask.


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