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Tough one for RB2. It is hard to trust Blount in fantasy. Normally after a big game there will be much potential for a bust but for me you have no choice play Blount because Murray got nothing to work until now.

I would prefer Jordan Matthews as your WR2. Nice matchup against the Saints and he is still the Eagles first receiving option. He will probably facing Browner who is so bad until now but also known for many penalties so maybe he robs Matthews some fantasy value.

Yeah as your FLEX fire up Hankerson. He is part of one of the three best looking offenses at the moment (Packers, Patriots, Falcons) and as second wide out and good chemistry with Matt Ryan his QB will find him against the Skins.

No VJax because I think there will be a lot Mike Evans against the Jaguars.

Thanks for helping with mine.

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I'd go with Matthews, Blount and VJax/Hanktime (leaning more towards hank)

like someone said flip a coin.. choices are obvious like stated above. the flip between vjax and hankerson would be since its jags defense and if they round up mike evans like other teams vjax has a nice decent chance of scoring high but considering how its hankerson's old team and julio will be fully covered makes him a better wr2 when the prime is going to be covered by CBs (Mike evans vs. Julio) also with a MUCH better QB (Matt Ryan vs. Aimless Jaimes)

thanks for help with mine

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