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Sell High On Freeman Buy Low On Luck WHIR

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12 team full PPR 1 point Passing TDS 6

I get Andrew Luck

He gets Devonta Freeman

He's got Carr and Mariota at QB also and Rashad Jennings Antonio Andrews and Reggie Bush at Running Back

Would you do this deal

Just leave a link to your question

QB Tyrod Taylor

RB Arian Foster

RB Devonta Freeman

RB/WR Chris Ivory

WR Antonio Brown

WR Odell Beckham JR

WR Randall Cobb

TE Delanie Walker

D/ST Packers

K Mason Crosby


Eli Manning

Andre Ellington

Matt Jones

Dorial Green- Beckham

Martavius Bryant

Zach Ertz


Karlos Williams

Jordy Nelson

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I wouldn't. Luck may be a top-3 QB ROS, but with Tyrod and Eli, you're not doing terribly at the position. As much as everyone likes to think Devonta Freeman is going to fall off, there's no solid evidence that he won't be a RB1 going forward. The difference between Tyrod/Eli and Luck won't be as great as Ellington/Matt Jones/etc and Freeman. I think you'll lose out on points week to week.

It's not a bad deal, I just don't like how it appears to net out for you in points.


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This is tough for me, because I kinda feel like Freeman could dip off a little (he is not going to score 3 TD's every game that's for sure) and getting Luck is tempting, but I think your good and should stay put, Luck is a question mark right now. Thanks for the help with mine.

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I'm torn on this. I feel Luck will turn it around and finish with excellent numbers eventually but the injury is worrisome. I'm still not incredibly sold on Freeman as I feel Coleman might make it a committee by midyear. With that said, I'm all for the trade. But given the questionable status of Luck's injury and Freeman scorching the fantasy points lead 2 weeks in a row, I think its best to just stay put. Your back up QBs aren't terribly bad either.

Thanks for the help!

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Not at all worried about the injury, he'll be fine in a few weeks and a top QB down the stretch. Glazer was on The Herd talking about it on Friday. It's merely a pinched nerve that needs time for the strength to return- don't buy the paranoia.

However....Tyrod will likely fade like Buffalo always does. So make the deal but you should get more back with Freeman's value right now.

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This is a tough call. Luck injury looks worse than originally expected and we don't know what to expect from Freeman once Coleman gets back. You seem to be set at QB without the trade, and if Foster/Ivory stay healthy, have nice 1-2 punch at RB. If you need to win in the next couple weeks, I'd stay put. However, if you think you'll make the playoffs, I'd probably take the trade straight up. Though Freeman/Walker for Luck/Olsen I would take either way.

Thanks for mine!

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