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Big offseason trade: Kluber/Blackmon for Frazier/Chapman - WHIR


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12 Team Head-to-Head Dynasty League

Been talking to another owner and this is the base ...

I Get: Corey Kluber, Charlie Blackmon, Jon Lester

I Give: Todd Frazier, Aroldis Chapman, Masahiro Tanaka + another piece

He wants JD Martinez or Yasiel Puig but I'm trying to make the fourth piece Jacoby Ellsbury. So I guess my question is, should I make the deal with Martinez or Puig or am I giving up too much? Should Ellsbury be enough to get this deal done?

On a whole, should I make this type of deal with this base? Am I making my team better? Any help would be great!!!!

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Thanks for mine.

I don't know why you'd have to return much more here. To me the 3 for 3 looks close enough that Ellsbury as the gap-closer is more than enough. No way I'd give JD, and while I'm not a big believer in Puig, he's young enough that I wouldn't want to use him as a "throw-in" in a dynasty league.

Honestly not sure why you want to do this deal. Seems like your pitching is a huge strength, and you're trying to acquire 2? Lester would likely be your 6th best SP. I'd look to turn that package into a starting SS.

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Thanks for helping me. I'm looking at your squad. Any reason you want two more SPs?

Anyway, if you want to pull the trigger on this I think you're giving up enough. If you feel you need to add something offer K Davis or some piece but definitely no Ells/Puig/JD.

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