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Crazy not to accept this offer right? WHIR...


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OK... Im thinking this trade is a no-brainer.. but i just have to post this..

Ok.. i've been chatting with one of the guys in my league over the past week.. he's not very happy with Lacy at all..

AND.. I'm growing tired of having injured people on my bench so i was gonna offer him Karlos W or Shady and say T. Benjamin or Cooks for Lacy..

OK.. last night I message him and say wow.. Lacy had a pretty bad game.. u still want to make that trade.. Told him how williams was out for a concussion, shady out 3-4 weeks.. and if he wanted yeldon instead..

His response was check the proposal I just sent..

My Travis Benjamin for His Eddie Lacy!!!!

I told him I think I could swing that one, but we cant do anything it til Tuesday (since we cant do anything til after MNF anyways)..

This is a accept and run deal right??

I owned Lacy last yr and he started out way worse than this season, and finished VERY strong..


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