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Draft #4 for the year! Yahoo 12team 9cat WHIR!


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Drafted last night for my 4th money league this year.

Yahoo 12team h2h 9 cat

It was definitely an odd draft (2 players drafting primarily pg's and are actively working trades now) Never seen that strategy before and seems to involve lots of risk. Debating if I should just try to move Some of my pgs and punt assists altogether.

Anywho, here is how it went:

PG - Stephen Curry, Elfrid Payton, Dennis Schroeder

SG - Ariza, Batum

SF - DeMarre Carroll, Stanley Johnson

PF - Serge Ibaka, John Henson

C - Nikola Vucevic, Marcin Gortat, Enes Kanter, Timofey Mozgov

Pick 4: Stephen Curry

Holy hell was I happy that he fell to me at the 4th. Couldn't be happier.

Pick 21: Serge Ibaka

Nice pairing with Curry. Only other player I wanted before him was Gobert, but he got sniped 2 picks before this one.

Pick 28: Nikola Vucevic

Would've preferred a big that blocked more, but he was the best player available.

Pick 45: Trevor Ariza

Needed the elite 3s and elite steals

Pick 52: Nicholas Batum

I wanted Dragic here, but he was gone a few picks before this. Batum should be sufficient

Pick 69: Marcin Gortat

Bump to fg% and blocks. Primary big in Washington with little to no competition. Had him ranked higher than his ADP.

Pick 76 Elfrid Payton

Only decent pg available. Because of 2 owners primarily drafting pg's, it was slim pickins

Pick 93 DeMarre Carroll

Value pick. Surprised he fell to the 8th round.

Pick 100 Enes Kanter

Rebounds and points on good percentages. If any decent pgs were available, I wouldve grabbed them here.

Pick 117 Timofey Mozgov

Seemed like decent value here. Good source of blocks this late

Pick 124 Stanley Johnson

Hoping this pick wins me the championship. Really hyped for this guy. Own him in 3 of my 4 money leagues.

Pick 141 John Henson

fg% and blocks. Nothing else. His bad ft% shouldnt be an issue since my team has all good ft% shooters.

Pick 148 Dennis Schroeder

Needed a 3rd pg and assists. Schroeder is decent in that regards. Should be getting a decent amount of minutes this year.

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I see absolutely no reason to punt assists. You have 2 great assist guys with Peyton and Curry and Batum will be great help with his 5 assists per game. I would try to get 1 more PG and you will win assists most weeks. Curry at 4 is Xmas in October. No reason why you don't win this league easily. See if you can move Mozgov and/or Kanter for a decent PG and you are set.

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I would look to punt assists with that team and try to trade Payton + Schroeder for a PG eligible player who will compliment the rest of your team. George Hill? Monta? Dragic? Somebody like that.

After that I would think your team would be pretty competitive-to-dominant in the other 8 cats.

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Yea I would agree with above posters and not worry about punting assists when your first pick is Curry. I really like your team because you were able to get solid bigs that will not hurt your FT% very much with the other elite players in that cat you have. If Serge keeps hanging out outside you may struggle a little with blocks but that cat can always been found on the wire during the season. Should be a really competitive team.

Help here if you can http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=550491

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