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Just drafted, anybody around to rate? WHIR.


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Just wrapped my 9-CAT 10-teamer (2 keepers per). I can't even describe how differently my leaguemates rated players than I did, wow. Anyways, my intent was to do the FT%/PTs double-punt from the 7-spot. Check it out.

1. Chris Paul (7)

2. Rudy Gobert (14)

3. Andre Drummond (27)

4. Nic Batum (34)

5. Karl-Anthony Townes (47)

6. Kawhi Leonard (54, keeper)

7. Danilo Gallinari (67)

8. Deron Williams (74)

9. Terrence Jones (87)

10. Marcin Gortat (94)

11. Meyers Leonard (107)

12. Khris Middleton (114, keeper)

13. Darren Collison (127)

14. Lou Williams (134)

Okay .. there was a borderline insane overvaluation on PGs very early, but rather than chase PGs going too early, I took a shot at Batum for some OOP assists and overall stats. Went a touch early on Townes in the 5th because I had a keeper in the 6th, and thought Gallo would fall another round .. which he did. Unfortunately George Hill didn't make it back to me, so I took a mild flier on Deron. Gortat fell ridiculously far and was a value grab in the 10th, but I still kinda wish I'd taken McCollum instead. After that, just looking for shooting and best available PG.

Feel very confident in FG%, boards, blocks, steals, turnovers, and solid enough for now on triples and assists .. and not nearly as bad in points as I expected. I'd like to trade a big for one more money PG and some added triples eventually, but like two teams ended up strong in assists. Other than that and missing out on some late-round keepers I had targeted, pretty darn happy.

Hit me with thoughts if you have them

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I like your team, with ur strategy u got a lot of good value (i.e. Drummond and Gortat (10th?!) ). Don't really see Gallo as a fit though, with ur strategy he doesn't bring much to the table for u besides threes. Maybe try and package him with Deron for a better pg (Maybe Teague? Who knows how they're valueing him) or even better go for Korver straight up, who i think would be a great fit for ur team (good fg% obvious 3 machine)

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Solid point. He's not an ideal fit with the punts, but I was pretty locked in on FG% at that point and went value pick. If he's putting up early-round stats the first month of the season, he's an excellent trade chip. Pairing him with say Gortat for an efficient PG and a shooter would be ideal. I'm hoping a handful of teams will be looking to punt on assists.

As for Teague, he would have been ideal in the 4th round where I was targeting him, but no lie .. 20th pick, before Hayward, Bledsoe, Horford, Whiteside, etc. were off the board. Nuts. If that team struggles early, believe me I'll be tossing out some offers.

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