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What direction should I go? WHIR


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Had a 14 Team draft last night, but I’m not really happy with how it ended up.

11 CAT (Standard + FGM & FTM)

(12) Damian Lillard (Por – PG)
(17) Blake Griffin (LAC – PF,C)
(40) Jeff Teague (Atl – PG)
(45) Reggie Jackson (Det – PG,SG)
(68) Nikola Mirotic (Chi – SF,PF)
(73) Terrence Jones (Hou – SF,PF)
(96) Roy Hibbert (LAL – C)
(101) Enes Kanter (OKC – C)
(124) Darren Collison (Sac – PG)
(129) Jordan Clarkson (LAL – PG,SG)
(152) Kristaps Porzingis (NY – PF)
(157) Rodney Hood (Uta – SG,SF)
(180) Nemanja Bjelica (Min – PF)

I missed out on the runs for big men. Including 4 bigs I was looking at going 41-44 in between my picks.

Should I try and deal TJones/Hibbert and fully punt blocks?
Should I try and dish a PG for a blocking big man?
Any other observations or suggestions?
Thanks! WHIR!
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You're looking incredibly solid at PG for a 14 team leauge. There had to a be a team out there that missed out on the PG talent and amassed bigs. I would definitley try to package one or two for a consistent big. Otherwise, I still like the team. Some real quality picks..

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Yeah i agree, youre PGs are very solid but bigs are pretty shallow. Make package teague and clarkson for a decent big and alright PG.

or you could just tank blocks

its preference and could just package terrence and hibbert for bigs who dont block as much and just get pts rebs and good %


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Seems a bit split. Could go either way.

@Neverrelaxed- #41-44 went Bosh, Favors, Gay, Al Jeff. In hindsight I really wished I had grabbed one of them at 40. I figured one would be left up at 45 but s--- happens. Otherwise I'm not sure about Blake at 17. I couldve had Millsap or Marc but the FTM and FGM were weighing on my mind.

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I wouldn't break up your PG trio- that's your strength.

Maybe try to trade Griffin for Gobert or a Gasol to add some blocks?

Maybe Kanter can get you Robin Lopez?

Maybe Mirotic can get you Duncan or Tyson Chandler?

Maybe Collison plus Clarkson can get you Duncan, Chandler, or Lopez if their owners are desperate for a PG?

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Thanks for the suggestions.

What do you guys think about something like:

Teague + Hibbert for Hayward + Meyers Leonard

I see this guy might need a PG. Up my REBS/3's, and start my journey to fully punting BLKS.

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Your team is actually really solid. I'd look into trading Hibbert for a better center who can help your FG. I like T Jones. I think he can help with rebounds and other stats. Not sure if Bjleica gonna play a lot tbh.. But in 14 man you prob can't go wrong with him. I think you have a pretty good team in a 14 man league.

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