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Klay Trade - WHIR !


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Right now, your keepers should be:

Klay, Westbrook and Gasol/Gobert

After the trade, you would do: Westbrook, Gasol, Gobert as those are better than Batum and Horford.

This is thinking far ahead.

Personally, I would keep Klay.

As for WHIR, can you help here?

Do I drop Sullinger for Alex Len, Evan Turner, or Bojan?

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Tough. I'm leaning to the Horford/Batum side.

I guess it comes down to if you are planning to keep Klay.

I think Horford Batum sets you up really well especially since theres two reb categories.

Maybe you can get away with punting 3's after the trade?

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Nah. I like the idea of staying put. As a Horford owner last season he was kinda inconsistent and didn't exactly kill it during the playoffs. He seems to trade nights off with Milsap and it annoyed me a lot. But when he's right he's a beast. Just don't count it on for majority of the games

Batum is still a mystery and I'm not sure if Hornets is really the ideal spot for him to blossom. It's a bad team and I just don't see him as a bargain at his ADP, his upside is kinda capped playing with a ballhog like Walker.


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It's funny--I'm really not high on Klay (I see him as a glorified KK), and I love the versatility that Horford and Batum bring. If you just proposed this trade without your team or league settings, I would've told you to take it and never look back, easy.

However, you need Klay's treys far more than you need Horford and Batum; while the latter two provide much more value, I can see Klay lasting and improving more as a keeper than the other two. So as much as it pains me to say it, I'd stick with Klay.


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It depends on who you want to keep.

If you trade Klay your keepers would become

Gobert / Westbrook / [Wiggins or Hayward]?

If you dont make the trade then your keepers become Klay Gobert and Russ.

Klay > Batum and Horford > Mirotic.

Really comes down to if you think Klay is in your long term future or not.

The fact someone is giving up Batum and Horford should tell you something as well.. if thats the current offer and people knew Klay is on the table you could even get a better deal.

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