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Please rate my team! WHIR!

baby durant

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this is for my 2nd league yahoo 12 team roto 10 cats including 3pt%. im at 7 pick. please let me know my weakness and strength and who to drop and add. thanks

1. paul 2. gobert 3. draymond green 4. gay 5. lawson 6. mirotic 7. robin lopez 8.covington 9. clarkson 10. stanley johnson 11. randle 12. myles turner 13. beverley

available players;

pope,mclemore,koufos, warren, wright, taj gibson, henson,patpat, stauskas,jordan hill,

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Thanks for the help with my question, and I'd love to help with yours but I'm really raw when it comes to fantasy basketball and I doubt my opinion would mean much. Figured I'd respond out of courtesy though.

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Your team is awesome.

CP3, Gobert, Green, Gay is like the perfect core.

CP3 gets you elite assists, steals

Gobert gets you elite blocks, boards

Green gets you all around stats

Gay gets you points

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Ehhhhh...tried to ride KCP for a while last year. Wasn't a big fan when he destroyed my %s. And he doesn't do much other than treys and points, with a trickling of steals. I'd say Meeks pushed him too, and if Stanley gets in the mix with Ersan, KCP gets bumped (Meeks plays SF sometimes, so the positional battle affects KCP too). Anyway, I'm a fan of handcuffing Lawson with Pat Bev at least for now, since both are injury prone and you can see who wins the positional battle. To be clear, I don't like Pat Bev...he's just a temp for now.

Didn't like Ty that high, but I suppose you were able to fill your roster later on with sleepers and younger players. TJ Warren is quite intriguing to me; I'd watch him over KCP.


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