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Justin Forsett & Rishard Matthews for AJ Green

Reasoning: Forsett has a tough playoff schedule, and I need a second WR to fill out my team. I am shopping gates/olsen for another piece as well. The guy I am trading with doesn't have enough to offer a Forsett/Gates package.

12 Man ESPN Standard Scoring
QB, 2 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 Flex(RB/WR), TE, K, DEF
Record: 3-3; I started 1-3 and was gonna sell out my entire team.

QB: Luck, Bortles
WR: Fitz, Rishard Matthews, M. Wallace, L. Hankerson, B. Lafell
RB: AP, Forsett, D. Lewis, A. Abdullah, C. Michael
TE: Olsen, Gates
K: Tucker
DEF: Streaming, Skins this week

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I'd say a slight yes to the trade. I'm not sold on Lewis especially since its not a PPR, but I am equally not sold on Rishard. Green is a stud and will likely end up performing better than Forsett.

Go for it and hope like hell Cmike or Abdullah or Lewis pans out.

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