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Trade Klay for Kawhi?


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8 team, 9 cat roto league.

current team:

PG: Bledsoe

SG: Harden

SF: Klay Thompson

PF: Millsap

C: Ibaka

G: Jackson

F: Towns

UTIL: Monroe

UTIL: Payton

UTIL: Harris


Bench1: T.Young

Bench2: T.Jones

Bench3: Roy Hibbert

Got offered Kawhi & Dieng/Ryan Anderson for my Klay Thomspon & Harris. Thoughts?

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I keep Tobias and Klay. Easy decision for me. Klay wins in 3 cats over Leonard; points, 3s, and FT%. Leonard wins in steals, FG%, and rebounds. Other cats are too close to call. Harris is a huge upgrade over Dieng or Anderson imo.

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I'd do it. Yes, Klay has advantages in points and treys. However, Leonard has strong advantages in rebounds and stocks, as well as better FG and TOs. Keep in mind also that Leonard's FT isn't shabby either (80%) and he also shoots treys fairly well.

The kicker for me (which makes it REALLY close) is Toby Harris. The guy contributes to every stat and his healthy now, so he'll produce. However, I think Ryno does make up for Klay's treys and points and the Pellies are not only thin in their frontcourt, but also on scorers now, so he'll be 2nd or 3rd option on any night.


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What about getting Mirotic in return instead of Ryno? So I'd get Mirotic & Kawhi for Klay & Harris.

Yea I think you have to do that. Mirotic is gonna be a beast. Possibly joining the 1-1-1 club

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