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Trying to move Middleton+Hood WHIR!


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Hey guys,

I know it sucks to make a deal before the season has even started, but I really want to move Middleton and Hood to free up a roster spot to take KoQ (intrigued by him and would love another big man). I'm overloaded on treys and SFs, so this would give me more flexibility for my team.

Can you help me either make a trade or determine if any of these would work? (The latter part is important too, because I don't want to offer if there's absolutely no way the trade would go through).

Middleton+Hood for:


Danny Green


I'm doing this because I could use blocks and assists, and because their owners are newer to fantasy so I think I could pull these off.

My team and league settings are in my signature.

Leave a link if you need help!


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It's very close between green and giannis as those are the two players I have over Middleton...you couldn't go wrong with either and I guess you could factor in playoff schedule to decide ...rubio's health scares me ....btw great team for a 12 team comp...would be surprised if you don't end up in the top 3

Thanks for help on mine

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Ah we meet again MWon :P

Anyway, for your team make-up, I would target Green. Just because the guys you're trading are 3 pt shooters. And since you also need blocks, Green should help sneakily. Sick player, 1/1/1. I'd try Middleton straight up first. If he doesn't bite, go ahead and do Middleton+Hood. Then pick up KOQ from waivers.

As an aside, I think KOQ will finally perform this year. All articles I've read regarding the Knicks organization seem to favor him. And when he gets playing time, he really produces, especially this year as he's the first big off the bench. I would not doubt the hype on a 3 year nba player like O'Quinn. I believe in him producing more than some "hyped" rookies this year like Turner for example who will have growing pains as the season trots along.

Oh, and I wouldn't go for Rubio. Unless you wanna kill your FG%, not get 3's from your PG, and constantly look at Minnesota's injury report every day just to see if he's there again. The latter is the biggest concern.

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Thanks all. I'm still debating on what to do; sounds like everyone is either Green or Giannis. I'm REALLY reluctant to take D Green (for everyone on the Green side, take a look at his box scores from last year...he's ridiculously inconsistent), but I'm considering Giannis straight up. The problem is that I WANT to get rid of a player, because I'd like KoQ and I don't have enough room (and I don't want to drop Hood--who does have value--for him).

Do y'all know of any players I can target whose value is on par with Middleton+Hood? I'm also targeting less-fantasy-experienced opponents too, so guys like Toby Harris are actually potentials. That and opponents who have few SFs/treys (so I can actually target players like Dragic as well). Obv I can't show you everyone's roster, but just shout out any ideas. :)

Long story short, what's the best/more realistic deal I can offer?

Dragic -->Hood/Middleton

Toby Harris -->Hood/Middleton

Giannis -->Hood/Middleton

Any other idea -->Hood/Middleton

Oh yeah, and leave your links; I'm happy to help if ya have questions too. Thanks everyone!

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Completely understand wanting to free up a space and use it as a flier or a stash for someone you think will contribute more down the road. I did it last season just to grab Covington then did it again for Gobert... then again for Whiteside haha.

As for possibilities, hard to say what the new members in your league value middleton and hood. Middleton is a great sell because of last season's numbers, your fall back is definitely Giannis between him and Green. Green was wildly off and on last season. I also don't recall if he was one of the guys constantly rested during that time the Spurs were preparing for POs. Batum could be a possibility if he's with the right owner. Tobias is also a good option. Personally I'd pitch the two to Kemba in my league settings. Any chance Reggie is with a new owner?

Best of luck with whatever you choose on this one!

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Dragic may probably be a good idea if you need assists. Dragic could be having a great year, given that D Wade will probably be rested here and there, he could be the main man handling the offense, and the PnR with Bosh and Whiteside could give him a significant boost in AST.

Thanks for helping mine.

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Go for Danny. But honestly why trade Middleton. I like him a lot. I like Danny more though. Also are we banking on Hood doing well this season even behind Burks? I feel a timeshare coming, so wait it out a bit and you may get O'quinn without even doing a deal. O'quinn isn't that special to give up Middleton.


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Thanks everyone. I think I'll try for Dragic, Tobias, or Giannis for the both. Likely won't go through--I'm targeting those three because Dragic's owner has few treys and SFs, while Toby and Alphabet's owners are both new. But if any work, I think I'm winning fairly big (at least for the first two). And if not, I'm happy with Khris and Hood but I still want O'Quinn. Guess I'll have to figure out another trade.

If I didn't answer your question, sorry. I'm pretty sure I did, but just bug me and leave your link again if not. Thanks again! :)

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