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Start Towns or Gortat this week?


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Towns and Gortat overlap on two days in Week 1, matchups as such:

10/28; Towns @ LAL, Gortat @ ORL

10/30: Town @ DEN, Gortat @ MIL

My gut says to play it safe and roll with Gortat until it's clear Towns is going to play starters minutes. Thoughts? I got Gortat in the 10th round somehow, so this is a "good problem to have" scenario that I'll be back and forth on a lot this season.

Also, only other place I saw Gortat fall that low? And probably why i got him where I did? ESP-frigging-N "expert" 9-cat H2H mock draft. How in the world they could be that drastically different on a guy every other site is presuming to be a 4th/5th rounder is mind-boggling.

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