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WDIS WHIR Flex play problems


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12M Standard Scoring
1 QB 2 WR 2 RB 1 WR/RB 1 TE

QB: Luck
WR: Fitzgerald, Rishard Matthews, Lafell, DeVante Adams
RB: AP, Forsett, Dion Lewis, Orleans DarkKnight, CMIKE
TE Olsen, Gates

Basically, I have fitz and rishard starting at WR. AP and Forsett starting at RB. Who is the flex play?
Dion or Lafell or even one of the sleepers? haha, I kid about that last one but I think it comes down to which Patriot I want to start.

Let me know what you think or even if Matthews should get the pine. Start two patriot players...
Remember, WHIR!!!

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Think you have to go Lewis here. Wait until Brandon LaDrop shakes of the rust. Adams is an interesting option as well but it's tough to expect a big performance after missing several weeks. Thanks for help on mine.

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Yeah, I would say Dion until LaFell proves he can step in. Although I have a hunch that LaFell will have a big game tonight

Deep down, I know I need to be starting in flex two ppl...Lafell cause hes got that long stride for big bonus points or the GOD CMIKE. Just gotta wait till DMC dies

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