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Dilemma - ROS Marvin Williams or Kent Bazemore?

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Hello Rotoworld family,

Just look for some quick feedback.

18 Team League (8 CAT)

Can only play 2 guards, 2 forwards and one center.

I already have Marvin Williams but Kent Bazemore is available and that's where my dilemma is :unsure:

Both players are in the last year of their respective contracts and you can say they're going to give it their all to up the ante on their next contact.

Williams is getting a plethora of minutes and capitalizing on the opportunity with MKG out for the remainder of the season but again, the question remains whether or not he can sustain this output. There hasn't been a bench player (so far) that has taken away some of those minutes from Williams.

Bazemore the past 2 games looks fantastic and the opportunity is there to replace the departing Carroll. Can he also sustain the output for the ROS?

Based on my roster, really, Williams is the only player I can think of. I know Thaddeus Young is slow out of the gate but I'm not considering him at all.

Thank you.

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