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Good morning boys, hope yall won this week because I barely did.

See below for my roster. Let me know what you think about my situation, and what you would do in my situation. I got a few players on bye, and I don't want to drop Tucker. Of course, WHIR.

12m Standard ESPN 4-4 Wilfork on The First Date

QB: Luck, Bortles (Do I start Luck vs Den..or just avoid and go with Bort-Man vs an injured NYJ)

WR: Rishard Matthews, BLafell, DavAdams (I am struggling with this position)

RB: AP, DLewis, CMike, ODarknight (Do I drop CMike, the hard question)

TE: Olsen, Gates (I was told verbatim, TEs besides Gronk have no value; I am trying to find a trade)

DEF: NYJD (Replaceable?)

BYE: JForsett, LFitzgerald, JTucker (Heart of the team, holding onto the extra TE, RBs, and QB is hurting me.)

Let me know who I should drop, not drop, start, pickup from ww, etc.

WHIR with a detailed response in return!

Thank you

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QB: Whats on the waiver? I don't like both. Is Carr there?

WR: Damn. I would start Rishard Matthews for sure. Close between LaFell and Adams. Not sure there. There might be a better play on the WW?

RB: Start AP - Dion Lewis, drop Cmike.

TE: Hard. I prefer Gates as TE ROS, WHEN healthy. Find a trade for a guy with a lot WR's, little TE and target someone like Diggs or with even less value but much upside.

DEF: NYJ could be great. But again; what's on the WW.

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I am not starting anyone against Denvers D. Luck hasn't looked like Luck anyway so Bortles is a must

WR Matthews LaFell

RB Lewis AP

TE Olson has been a solid TE. Gate is banged up atm.

Drop CMike. He is just a lottery ticket that doesnt appear to be cashing out anytime soon. Do you have to drop 1 or 2 players?

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Bortles, Matthews, LaFell, AP, Dion Lewis, olsen, look at defenses available. look for ATL as they play a pittiful Niners team.

X2 and Falcons DST is the #1 WW pickup for Def this week. SF sacked Kaep and are starting Gabbert ROS LOL!!!!

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Keep in mind, I have to drop at least one player for a kicker if I want to keep Tucker through the bye.

Waiver Wire:
QB: Taylor vs Mia, Smith vs Jags, D Carr vs Pitt, Cutler vs SD
RB: Langford(Most likely wont get him), and then garbage like Thompson, Sproles, Crowell, Reece, Bradshaw
WR: Stevie Johnson, Wallace, TAustin, DGB, Wheaton, HDouglas, AJohnson, Colston, Woods
D: Bengals, Giants, Steelers

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Thanks for your help on mine!

Ok, let's start at the top, and that is: great team name, lol

QB: IMO, I think Luck is a pretty easy sit. It'd be nice if you could get Carr, but you have a bit of a roster crunch just trying to get a replacement K, much less a 3rd QB. I think I'd just roll with Bortles

WR: I'd go with Matthews for sure, then probably LaFell. I don't know that I can trust the Packers O against the Panthers D (never thought I'd be saying that about GB anytime soon, lol)

RB: I think it's a bit of a tossup between Michael and Darkwa. OD said his back should be fine for this week, but will he still be in a timeshare? Randle just got released by the Cowboys, so Michael inches ever closer to the #1 gig there. It SEEMS like Darkwa (if he is a healthy go this week, gonna have to monitor that) has a more current path to playing time, so, as much as I hate to say it, it looks like you'd have to drop Michael or Tucker, otherwise go with no K.

TE: I'd start Olsen this week unless you can package him (or Gates) and maybe a RB for some WR help (which it looks like you are trying to do)

D: I do think the Jets are replaceable, they haven't done much since the 1st two games. If you're concerned about playing them against Bortles if you start him, I'd take a shot on the Bengals D

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Pass on Luck if you ask me...go Bortles

WR is Matthews and Adams...LaFell got the drops!

After the randle news, hold Cmike

Olsen will get you more value, but he is also performing...I would hold them both

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