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My ariza and t.burke for IT2 / stan johnson WHIR


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Current team

G: CP3/ Blesdoe /McDimes / T. Burke
SG/SF: Ariza / Porter/ Mo Will
C: M Gasol / Duncan / Jonas / Dieng / T.Jones / Henson
I was planning on dropping burke anyways as I'll have to make room for TJones once his INJ clears up. So basically its a 1 for 1 trade.

Good deal or?
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Roffie, thanks for the response.

I like Ariza as well and he's heating up. Though when TJones is back, Ariza could get less minutes as the stretch 4..

Because of this I think Thomas has a bit more upside and I'd give him the edge. Great for points, and not that far behind in 3/stl from Ariza.

Thomas has my vote!

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Ariza started off so hot last season and then became marginal. Houston is deep and to be completely honest I don't trust the Ariza after owning him last season. Houston has a lot of potential guys such as Thorton and guys who still haven't emerged but played a big roll last season like Brewer and I see Ariza as a boom or bust on a nightly bases as far as the entire season goes and if u can get someone like IT for him who is hands down the best scorer on that team I think you have to make the move.

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