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Not so fast.  They had those significant strike out rates in MLB.   I just did a quick look at Trumbo's and Reynold's K rates in the minors, and while high, they went up to that range in the majors. 

He's hitting .319 with a 1.046 OPS against lefties this year. Both numbers are higher than his platoon splits.

MLB.com #93 Keith Kaw #93 Baseball America #93 I think it's pretty safe to say that he's #93

4 hours ago, CORTEz said:

Definitely don’t see him hitting .290 BA, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him post a .260 BA (give or take 10 points)


If he can post a .260 BA, I will be stoked. Anything higher than that will just be a cherry on the top.


if he stays up the rest of the season (assuming he hits .250 BA or better), could be looking like a 12 HR, 30-35 RBI kind of guy. 


Feels like he could be a shoe-in to hit out of the 6 spot in the lineup as well, behind guys like Lindor, Santana and Ramirez. 

I do think hitting behind those guys - you probably selling him “lite” In the RBI department 

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