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CP3 trade .. right price?


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The first half of my season looks a little lost thanks to some games/injury luck, and my guard stats didn't land where I needed them to to pull of a punt PTS/FG% build quite well enough. CP3's value/assists are going to waste on my roster. Talking with another owner about the following:

CP3 + 1 (threw out Deron or Gortat for starters, no idea if he'll bite on either)


Lowry + Kyrie (IR)

The other owner is loaded up on PG stats even with Kyrie waiting on his IR, so this is a long-term play. Temporarily throw out assists to jack up my points, threes, steals, and FG% toward the second half of the season. We also do pick trading (anything below a first-rounder), so that's an option as well.

Too much, too little? Should I be willing to throw someone more high-profile in?

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Yea, Deron's already not happening, just threw a lowball out for the sake of bartering. He's reticent to give up Irving, though. Mentioned Isaiah Thomas as an alternate, but man .. Lowry/IT2 is a lot of s---y FG% to absorb. Don't think he feels he's got the points to do the type of deal I'm looking for either way. Sadness.

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