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Reddick/Carroll for Gay? Whir 100%


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Hmmm. I'm not so sure about this one. Not sure why the majority made this to be such an easy decision. At first glance I went with Damarre/Reddick side. Rudy just doesn't impress me that much this year, since he doesn't seem offer to much in multiple cats.

I guess you gotta ask yourself this: Is a boatload of 3s/steals in JJ/Carroll worth the extra boost in scoring Scoring/FT boost? Since I feel like comes down to this. But then again I never own Gay in the past so I might be missing something. I'd stay with Demarre/JJ. But that just my IMO. They always say always trade to get the best player though and Gay def is that, But I feel like he's trending down and this isn't just a buy low window.

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