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CP3/Drummond for Curry whir


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One of the latest offers I've had for Curry, have asked for views on trading him on here before, and to date have stuck with, but I think this may be the best offer I've had yet.

16 team h2h. I'm more open to moving Curry since I picked up Cousins last week in a 2 for 1, giving up Wiggins and IT, so I've lost a little depth.

Also important to note we don't seem to be counting FT% this year, which has a huge effect on Drummond's value.

Current roster

g: Curry/Bledsoe/Evans/Payton/Lin/Wroten

fwd/ Aminu/Covington/Crowder/Vucevic/Jones

C: Cousins/Pachulia/WCS/ Capela

Currently unbeaten, so don't need to trade necessarily, but can always improve, and depth worries me a little as the wire is threadbare.

Leave a link, WHIR

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Does anyone think curry can sustain this ridiculous pace all season? What if theyre so good they start benching him during h2h playoff period? His value will probably be at par with drummond without ft% ROS if not slightly higher. And your throw-in is cp3? Id accept that easily as well.


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