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WHIR Need Advice if my team is a playoff/championship contender


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Lost Dion Lewis, Andrew Luck, and now Justin Forsett. Let me know what you think I should be doing with this team. All the pickups have already been made for this week, Rawls, Ware, Allen. I got Bradshaw :/

12man Standard ESPN

1 AB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex(WR or RB), 1 K, 1 DEF

QB: Bortles, Carr, Luck (Should I drop him? I have a week 14-16 playoffs).
RB: AP, Crowell, Bradshaw, Grimes (This sucks)
WR: Fitz, Stevie J, D Adams, R Matthews, Lafell
TE: Olsen, Gates (No one would take Gates earlier, I guess I might sell low on him).
K: Tucker
Def: Jets

I ask for some words of wisdom if you think my team can actually make it to the championship or if I should look to trade AP or Fitz.

Thank you and WHIR

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Are you past your trade deadline? Where do you stand in your league?

Sell low on Gates, for sure.

You might also have success selling the name of Peterson for a slightly lesser RB (but one that is producing) and a serviceable WR. I'd say you're in a position where to compete for a title you have to take a risk... maybe go after Charcandrick West and a WR with AP?

No sense in trading OR dropping Luck until there's more clarity on his situation. I'd look to involve Bortles in a deal. I like Carr ROS.

As is, I don't think your team can compete for a title in a 12 team league, but you just need a bit of luck, make a nice trade or two, a smart stash pickup and you could be in business. There will be players to come onto the waiver wire every single week. Don't sweat it if you didn't get Allen, Rawls or Ware.

help please. http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=568899

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I'm not sure you'll be able to compete in playoffs if you make it.

Carr would be one to hold on to, but like the poster above stated, you might be able to get a WR2, and a RB1 that's currently producing for AP.

Thanks for help on mine.

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Those RBs are going to make it tough. Id drop players like Grimes for aomeone who might be next weeks pickup of the week. Is it a keeper league? And where are you currently in the standings? If you could turn AP into 2 startable RBs I think I'd like it better

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