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FT punting question


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8 cat h2h.

so I just traded Gobert for Pau Gasol, because although I had planned to punt FT%, I wasn't actually doing that badly in that cat and was thinking maybe I could actually compete there. but then last night hack-a-dre happened and Drummond went 4-18 from the line, after 2-11 the game before. so Pau may not be the best fit for me.

What do u think of me offering Pau Gasol for DeAndre Jordan, to really perfect the FT tanking?

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Yeah, that should work in your favor if you really want to punt FT. Pau for DJ I think is fine.

well, i don't WANT to punt FT%, but I am not sure I have a choice the way Drumm has been going to the line. the only other option would be to trade away drummond but how would i replace those rebs? trade him for Love, but then I lose a lot of FG% and blks. marc gasol? but he hasn't been getting anywhere near this level of blks or rebs. Millsap? still a pretty big dropoff in rebs and blks but maybe enough to compete.

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If ur not "that bad" in FT%, don´t punt. You shouldn´t be thinking in perfecting the punting but in winning games, right? Instead view if your team will be better overall.

So let´s take a look at what u have in hand. Making the trade you will:

Gain about: +FG%, +3Rb, +0,8Bl per game.

Loose about: -----FT%, -4Pts, -1,1Ass

Choose what´s more important overall to your team

On a personal note I´m not a fan of punting specially on 8Cat but I would say that it would be very odd if you ever beat someone in FT% so..

go for it ;)

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