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So, with Berrios and Manaea being called up, who are the next good stashes?

I'm currently stashing A.J. Reed myself since the beginning of April, expect him to be up after super 2, right?

You forgot Michael Fulmer who may well be up to stay given that Shane Greene turned into the bad Shane Greene yet again before his injury.

Blake Snell might be the next called up to stay as opposed to up to spot start like last time. Manager is saying that Erasmo might be "more valuable to the team" (or words to that effect) to stay in the bullpen. That's pretty much code for Snell coming up as soon as they need a 5th starter in a regular basis in a week or two.

(Poor Erasmo, does a really good job and that earns him a demotion to the bullpen. And if he he didn't do his job well he would have been demoted there too. Lose-lose for the guy).

Agree about both Glasnow/Taillion in Pittsburg and Giolito.

Trea Turner should be up as soon as Washington gains control over him for another year which is delayed because they brought him up last year to sit uselessly on their bench for days on end which puts back his date. Idiots.

And don't forget Colin Moran per this quote:

RotoWorld blurb: Astros GM Jeff Luhnow believes 3B prospect Colin Moran is "one injury or slump" away from being called up to the majors.

Wilson Contreras may be up in the second half Maddon said which, while not right away, moves his call-up date in my head way up since I thought he didn't have a chance to come up before next year at this time. He is one dude that could really help my teams out this year down the stretch so couldn't not mention him in this post, heh.

I do love all the call-ups but man it is hard to make room to activate them off the NA slots by dropping other players from my roster.

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If the Reds are active at the trade deadline with BP and/or Bruce, we could see Jesse Winker and/or Jose Peraza fairly soon.

For context, are you considering the trade deadline "fairly soon"?

Yes. I probably should have chosen different words there.

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