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Being offered kent bazemore for khris Middleton WHIR


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Hello, I play in a 12 team 9 category H2h league. Need help on if I should do this trade, thank you.

PG: John Wall, Trey Burke, Patrick Beverly

SG: Evan Fournier, Eric Gordon

SF: Kawhi Leonard, Khris Middleton, Danilo Gallinari

PF: Marvin Williams,Mason Plumlee, Trevor Booker

C: Dirk Nowitzki, Alex Len

IL: Jonas Valunciunas, AL Jefferson

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I have both players sp understand their values relative to each other.

Middleton is he much better player and consider him a core to my team. Bazemore is ok. He's not a wire guy, but he's one tier away from it with the lack of minutes he's getting.

Please help


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