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Buy low on Oladipo? WHIR


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I disagree and I always want the best player in the deal and that would be Oladipo. He has tons of upside and contributes across the board even coming off the bench. The downfall is Skiles but Dipo is not in his doghouse and no way he stays on the 2nd unit down the stretch, no way. I mean that could cost Skiles his job keeping one of his top players in a reserve role. Do it! Getcha some ;)

Please give your insight here......http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=574736

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Gortat has been very solid lately, but I'd take oladipo over him.

Just be aware that dipo's a headache to own because Skiles gives him extremely inconsistent minutes (i'm talking like 15-20 minutes in some games...like WTF)

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