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For all the marbles - who should I start? WHIR!


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some tough choices here: No PPR

QB (pick 1):

Bridgewater vs NYG

Ryan vs CAR

Tyrod vs DAL

RB (pick 2):

Martin vs. CHI

Devonta vs. CAR

Latavius vs SD (but on Thurs)

WR (pick 1)

Cobb @ ARI

J. Brown vs. GB

Thank you and please leave a link!

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I think for QB I might go Teddy or Tyrod. Leaning slightly more on Teddy. NYG is very beatable.

RB: Martin and Devonta. I know he's playing CAR but he's been such a beast this year. I just don't think I could bench him.

WR: John Brown hands down.

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I'd go with:

- Teddy (Ryan has not impressed me at all this year and he is facing a good CAR D, while Tyrod is facing a DAL D that has been decent against QBs (it says they are 4th), while Teddy is going against the Giants D (who is terrible against the pass))

- Martin and Freeman (this one is just a gut feeling- Martin has been looking good and he is facing a Bears D that isn't great against the run, and even though CAR held Freeman in check last time I see him getting involved more this week especially if Norman is able to shut down Julio like he did last time, while Murray has a good matchup, but I am also wary about Thursday night games, but again this is a total guy feeling)

- It's a toss up between Cobb and Brown, but I think I'd go Brown. The Cards have been more consistent on offense this year and the Cards have a better defense, so I'd lean towards Brown for that reason.

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Tyrod (can't trust Bridgewater even after last week, Ryan looked horrible against Carolina just two weeks ago)

Martin & Latavius -- Martin has been great this season, Latavius gets the Chargers' horrible run defense, and Devonta won't be running much once the Falcons are down huge, which they will be

John Brown -- The Cards' offense looks unstoppable. The Packers' offense looks very stoppable. Brown is a more explosive talent on a better offense against a weaker defense.

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I'd go with Tyrod. I think he'll have a decent game against Dallas. Some upside too.

Definitely Martin and Leaning towards Freeman. I think they'll pass to him even if they get behind. Murray can be really underwhelming. Though that is a great matchup for him. Basically I'm like 60/40 towards Freeman.

John Brown over Cobb in standard. PPR might be a different story. Plus, that offense is more consistent, as mentioned above


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Tyrod would be my choice. Better matchup and he's been playing well.

I'm playing Freeman, and can't say I would sit him for Martin even with the matchup. I think he has a bounce back game against Carolina in comparison to last time.

I think it's a toss up on the other 2... that's a good matchup for both I think. Maybe leaning towards Brown.


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Thanks for the help guys. For those of you suggesting Tyrod, something I just thought of: the game is in BUF and there's a near 100% chance of cold rain. In MIN it will be cold, but not much of a threat of snow. Would you still lean Ty?

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I like Tyrod because he has the best floor and upside in a solid matchup. I think Teddy's last game was his peak, don't chase points. And the Giants are likely without Odell and their run D isn't very strong, expecting a Peterson clock-killing game, 200 yds and a TD from Teddy. Tyrod can definitely top that. Don't trust Ryan at all.

Martin because they love to run it, once again a strong floor. Worst I'd expect is 90 yds, with the chance for 2 TDs and more yardage. Freeman because he catches lots of dump offs, so even if they're losing he'll get reception yardage.

John Brown. He's going to have a make-up game for dropping those passes, missing at least one TD (only caught some of the game). Plus I like his matchup a lot more, even w/ Honey Badger out. I'm expecting at least 80 and two TDs from Smokey Brown. Palmer didn't really need to throw w/ the big game Davey J had, and yet Brown still had a fine game fantasy wise. Expecting a huge rebound.


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