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NEW/FREE/Salary Cap League (Select a team and 10 players to start)

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16 team league, year 1

The 14 teams not selected will build the draft pool.

The league will have free agency periods and an annual prospect draft.

You can select any 10 players from the organization of your choosing. The ONLY exceptions are if they are not in the system or are current FA (i.e. Cespedes is NOT a Met) Players under Arbitration ARE allowed to be selected as franchise players.

Currently I have a spreadsheet set-up and a chat box ready to roll as soon as owners start to join. We can/will start an offline draft (randomized order) once the league is full.

Trading is allowed once the League is FULL.

If you're interested or have any further questions plz feel free to contact me...


Here is the spreadsheet with an explanation of the rules...


Thanks and Happy Holidays

Josh (Cubs GM)

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salary cap spreadsheet


fantrax site for player rankings/drafting


offsite chat box for questions about league


site used for salaries


email for invite


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I will post that the league is full once the league is full...getting a lot of emails of 'Are you still looking for owners'...

according to the last post we need 3....that still is the case.

If you want to join, select a team available and ten players...and send me an email. Thanks

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