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I could use more depth so I'm looking for a 2 for 1 trade. Got an inquiry for my Porzingis, his team:

Curry, Jackson, Rondo, Knight


Melo, Crowder, H.Barnes


BroLo, Gobert, Valanciunas, Gortat

Thought about proposing a deal with Knight (as I could use more assists and the owner wants to get rid of him) + one of his C's. Thoughts on this? What would be fair?

My team:

Lillard, Irving, Holiday

Bradley, Barton

Durant, Kawhi, Parsons, Porter

Millsap, Porzingis, Gibson


9-cat, 8-team roto league.

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Usually I don't do this and made a lot of two for one trades where I got the one (Kawhi, Durant, Irving) but I think my bench is too weak. Can't rely on Barton atm, Porter is injured, Bradley kills my FG atm, Parsons is too inconsistent.

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Definitely play on the fact that he is trying to get rid of Knight. Could try something like Knight + Barnes (upside) or BroLo for Porzingis + Taj. Really depends on how much he wants to get rid of Knight and how highly he values Porzingis.

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