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Butler+Gortat for E.Davis+Ibaka+Fournier ! WHIIIRR!


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Hello, I am thinking to propose to a player who is fighting for playoffs my E.Davis, Ibaka and Fournier for his Butler and Gortat. I am 1st at my league and the playoffs start at 21 March so I can wait.

What do you think?

If he rejects, who do you think I shall offer for Butler?

(team is in sig btw)

Leave your links below.

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Why is everyone trying to get rid of Butler? Did his Knee explode and I didnt hear about it.

I'd keep the Butler+Gortat side easy if you can survive. If you're fringe on making playoffs I can justify making moves, but I def think you can get more than Ed Davis, Fournier, and Ibaka. Ibaka probably the highlight of that side and has been kinda MEH this whole season in terms of Ibaka goes.


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It's a really unbalanced trade.

Don't think the owner of butler/gortat would bite. I personally would decline without hesitation. Then again, the deepest I've played is in a 15 teamer so my sense of value might be a bit skewed toward that.

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