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Another lost T. Evans help post! 500$ 1st Prize League - WHIR


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10Team, H2H, 9-Cat, 200$ Auction

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So I've got a few potential pick ups. I'm currently in 1st place(13-2) and compete with the guy in 2nd place most heavily in 3's, steals, blocks, and turnovers. These categories being the fringe categories that either of us could win. I only bring this up because I feel this is who I will be playing in the championship if I make it.

First I lost Bledsoe now Evans. So my salt levels are rising and I want to ensure a solid back up for this sucker. As it is now I have J. Green as an easy drop if more space is ever needed.

Potential Pickups!




D. Green


Jamal Crawford


Norris Cole

PJ Tucker

Stanley Johnson

Leaning towards...

D. Green, Barnes, Goodwin, Jamal are all doing well right now. But it's hard deciding. I think Green probaby is the best fit, but he would need to not slump back into garbage mode. Barnes is finnicky, and Goodwin is new so who knows what he could churn out. Jamal is Jamal haha.

Any help is greatly appreciated and leave a link for my advice. Thanks

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Hey, I was just about to answer your post before you got to me haha.

Danny Green is literally the perfect player you describe in your scenario. I drafted him and held the whole year and hes finally counter-regressing back to his good numbers and peaking at the perfect time. Great 3's, steals, out of position blocks, and low turnovers. He's putting up great numbers and going back to his averages from last year.

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I'd rank Barnes slightly over Green. Barnes has the better playoff schedule and better potential usage so go with him. He is kinda like what Danny Green would be if he gets it together consistently.

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I'd go with either Green or Barnes, I'm more inclined to go with Barnes since Green just hasnt been consistent . But I just don't trust Memphis offense system, its too slow and I heard their PO schedule is pretty bad. Also, Green is playing well because of Ginobli sidelined.. Something to think about.

Thanks for the help in mine!

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